Visitors warned of rock fishing danger, says ‘unbelievable’ report

The National Museums Scotland’s new director, Alex Wylie, said the rock fishing industry has become ‘unbelievable’.

On Friday the news of the rock catching report, which appeared in the Mail newspaper, first made headlines after reports it had not yet been peer reviewed.

The NMS Scotland’s director, Chris Smith, said he had no idea about the report.

However, he added: ‘I take full responsibility for its timing and the extent to which I’ve acted as a messenger, given the report’s scope and content.

‘The NMS Scotland has taken steps to ensure that all relevant l바카라사이트egislation is in place to protect public sites from wildlife fishing and any subsequent impacts, but in the circumstances this can only be taken on i우리카지노n limited circumstances.’

He said he was ‘outraged and shocked’ by the findings and would now ‘be reviewing what further steps I need to take’.

Mr Smith added: ‘The UK Government, at both local and national level, is committed to protecting heritage sites, but I do think the scale of the report’s findings is of a very significant nature.

‘This could be a very serious issue and I will be looking very carefully to make sure we don’t repeat a very similar situation in the near future.’

A Scottish Government spokesman said: ‘In response to yesterday’s news report, I have writtengospelhitz to the author of the report to request that he refer the matter to the Public Order Ombudsman as a possible disciplinary case.

‘Any complaint that would be brought to the NMS Scotland’s Office would be fully investigated.

‘I would appeal for all stakeholders to remember that heritage sites and historical sites have great potential to benefit us all by contributing to the UK’s vibrant cultural fabric.’