Us refuses to give info on drone strikes, says it wants only civilian casualties

New Zealand, one of the countries involved in the US drone war, has said it does not want civilian casualties in its aerial bombing of suspected terrorists.

The New Zealand Prime Minister John Key on Monday released a written response to a letter from the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop.

New Zealand has repeatedly claimed it is only targeting terrorists, including those who are not deemed to be part of the “caliphate”.

But in a letter to Bishop, New Zealand’s National Security Council said it wants to only kill “individuals with alleged links” to a terror group, regardless of the location where they are held.

In addition, New Zealand, which has been one of the key countries involved in the US drone strike program, has refused to give information about the drone strike program, as well as other drone strikes carried out outside the Middle East, including the use of Hellfire missiles, in the past.

The letter came as New Zealand’s National Security Cou카지노 게임ncil, headed by military veteran Chief of Defence Staff General John Cartwright, announced카지노 it was reviewing its surveillance capabilities following a terror attack last year, including its surveillance of the US military’s New Zealand airbase.

New Zealand had been the target of a recent “kill list” produced by the Obama administration.

The controversial “kill list” was released for public scrutiny after the Christmas Day shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, during which 20 children and six educators were killed.

Although the Obama administration later claimed the release of the kill list was illegal under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the New Zealand government has been widely criticized for failing to fully take part.

In January 2013, New Zealand’s largest private landowner, the Rangifie, warned that it had no confidence in a military response to “potentially very dangerous al-Qaeda-affiliated attacks on New Zealand homes”.

The Rangifie, one of the largest holders of farmland in the country, did no청주 출장 안마t deny that a warning had been issued, saying it was simply a warning “for everyone” about the possible attacks.

Meanwhile, an inquiry has begun into the death of a 14-year-old Kiwi boy when a US drone strike in Somalia killed his family and wounded four others on Monday, a spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed.

The boy’s family says they only met the US drone on January 10 after it released an image on thei