Ravensthorpe farmer loses hand in machinery accident Copyright by WISH – All rights reserved Video

WATERVILLE (WISH) – A waterboy in Waterville lost his hand after it was flipped into the air during a construction accident.

“I think it could’ve been my own fault if it wasn’t for my friends, family and my neighbors helping me to do the best that I could. I was a little worried he couldn’t stand, but I guess he didn’t want to hurt me anymore,” said Mike Farrar, Waterville’s Waterboy.

According to Farrar, a crane was coming down on the farm at the time, when the machine flipped over.

“He just got hit the face, which was pretty much a handstand, and he ended up with a broken arm,” said Farrar.

It’s an accident that’s being blamed on inexperience.

The construction worker from Waterville was working on his latest work and was leaning on the handle.

“I guess the thing came down onto his head and hit his hand as he was moving in the direction 공주출장샵he was going. And, yeah, I’m just glad that it didn’t puncture it at any point,” said Farrar.

The Waterville Fire Department is investigating. It has taken over the accid타이 마사지ent at this point, but the owner of the house was not injured.

It remains to be seen if the 온라인 바카라 사이트owner will receive any money from the accident.