Qantas stares down unions at agm meeting

The Greens in NSW are pushing the Government on the issue of paying pilots’ fees, while the ALP and Cairns mayor Tony Archer have called for a national campaign, which would involve hundreds of thousands of citizens signing up.

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell had warned it was against the welfare sys더킹 카지노tem to introduce pilots’ fees at a time when the Government was slashing spending on services.

However, Mr Archer yesterday told reporters on the way back to Townsville he had been pleased the pilot’s fees did not end at airports.

“That’s in the nature of a fee and it was an honourable issue and a proper contribution to the budget for the budget to go down to the level it would have been otherwise,” Mr Archer said.

He 포커 의 신said the pilot’s fee had been a long-standing topic of discussion in the Federal Parliament and had received more than 130 submissions.

Mr Archer said he believed the pilots’ fee did not take the right route through Parliament.

The pilot’s fees are expected to raise as much as $2.7 million after공주안마 they expire at the end of the year.