Is video condemned by imams council says

In 2013, the council approved plans to build a new mosque in an area of the city where Muslims are mostly absent.

The council says there has been a spate of violent anti-Muslim incidents in recent months – including stabbings – and says residents oppose the new mosque at the request of a number of Islamic groups.

The counci서산출장안마l also says, though it has no evidence of this, that the group of young men behind the attacks is affiliated with one of the groups listed, IS.

In a statement, the Islamic Council of Victoria says the council is not in favour of its inclusion.

“The Council does not consider that any form of extremism is compatible with the Council’s inclusive design principles,” the statement said.

“The Council has always been committed to ensuring that a number of communities that have their own identities and distinct histories are treated equally.”

Coun. Peter Williams, who led the project in 2013, says the council was unable to find evidence of involvement from IS.

He says a local Muslim council has taken responsibility for the project and will now investigate why the proposal was rejected.

But in an email, a spokesperson from that local council said the proposal had not been accepted.

The council says the new mosque will offer a variety of areas that would be suitable for differen김천출장샵t levels of Muslim residents. (Karen Prewitt/CBC)

Mayor David Shiner says he disagrees with some of the council’s concerns, and that the project will work better as a mosque.

“We have to be careful about what’s done in this way, because there’s always going to be these opportunities to build into the community,” he said.

“We’re not saying it will cause all the trouble that some people may think about.”

This is the latest controversy involving the mosque on Victoria’s North Shore. In October, Mayor David Shiner says his city will host the first official day of interfaith worship after a serie광주출장샵s of public consultations and meetings between city planners, community members, and community representatives.

But the council has also released a statement of opposition from a few people on the ground who want the mosque to stay closed to accommodate the number of people that want to make a place of worship at its location.

The council has also asked for more information about its planned construction.