Hospital manager defends facility

In a statement issued to News 4, Dr. Michael O’Keefe, chief medical officer at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Cincinnati, told News 4, “We take the reports of patient safety seriously. We have had significant safety improvements since we opened our doors. Our staff has been trained extensively and we use the highest quality tools and equipment in a variety of situations, including the curre여수출장안마nt operation at this location.”

The hospital recently placed a temporary lockdown of the building and placed a “lockdown call” alerting emergency personnel. O’Keefe told News 4 that the hospital has been running a1 인샵 “proactive, proactive and innovative appr천안안마 천안출장마사지oach” as it tries to get through this tragedy.

For more information on how to get to the location of the hospital, or if you would like to speak with a staff member, call 860-342-3200.