Change to canberra roo cull cuts legal ogospelhitzptions for activists

The Australian Wildlife Conservation Trust (AWCT) has confirmed it has moved to block the euthanasia of over 60 wild boar on Canberrans farms across더킹카지노 the country.

The plan, announced by the Australian Parks and Wildlife Departmen바카라사이트t (APWD) last month, would see the animals released into the wild by 2019 and would be aimed at protecting some 7400 wild boar in the country.

Culling wild boar would be banned under APWD’s plan. Photo: Supplied

The organisation called on the department to suspend the cull and release the animals into the wild, arguing the plan represented a “dangerous and unnecessary invasion” of the lives of animals.

In a statement, AWCT said the government’s cull would only happen on farms where the animal population is stable and the welfare of humans is ensured.

It said the number of animals in the wild was low compared to other places and there was an inherent threat from being released on farm land, where many wild boar are bred.

“For over 40 years we have had a legal opportunity to act when animals fall ill and that opportunity has been lost because of the government’s plan to cull over 60 wild boar,” AWCT Director Paul Wood said.