Bp was totally unprepared for gulf spill, but learned soon enough that no damage could be done to his work. He wrote the best note on a paper I’ve ever read or written, in which he explained how he and his team made their way to the well and set up equipment to try to get the oil there in time. They never set fire to the equipment, but they made a big hole in the well so they’d be ready for any future spills.

As it turned out, all of the equipment wasn’t egta5카지노ven as accurate as I’d expected it to be. A big pile of oily sludge was in our pit, but the guys didn’t need to fill up our wells with the sludge they saw. We didn’t need to be concerned about an oil leak on the road that might slow traffic down and cause a crash – we needed to plan for the worst-case scenarios.

Then one day it really got scary. There was a car backing into my pit, so I had to get out to get the gear shift on the car. That’s when I realized that I still didn’t know how to use the machine correctly. That’s when I realized I still had to learn how to deal with oil spills. That’s when I realized I could die from a ruptured oil spill.

Even if they didn’t spill oil, those wells in that place probably would have been more than capable of holding off such an explosion. All of my work there ended up getting thrown out there over a decade later, when it was deemed too dangerous to dig any more of it.

But there was one small reason I’m grateful that we never had to do the rig, which would have be슬롯 사이트en so dan창원출장샵gerous without it: I got to see the people who lived in that area. And I saw the damage they suffered there, both literally and figuratively.

I was able to visit the site during a routine trip to Texas every few years back when I was younger, when people would come and stay in the community. That helped me understand why the government didn’t get out there and actually drill the hole I was meant to be excavating at that time.

It wasn’t my dream at all to dig down into the gulf, but I did it anyway. I didn’t know what it would entail, what it would actually take to get to the bottom of a place I knew absolutely nothing about. My biggest worry was the possible loss of my life; I wanted it to be safe, but I didn’t know what it meant fo